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China und ich

China und ich haben eine lange Geschichte. Das erste Mal, als ich zirka 8 Jahre alt war, fand mein Vater, ich solle Chinesisch…


Der Spalt in der Mauer

Willkommen bei „Happy Toozi“, was aus dem Englischen und Chinesischen übersetzt ganz einfach „Glücklicher Hase“ heisst. Hase steht für mein chinesisches Horoskop und…

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mini challenge

Illustrator’s journey 1

Recently, I have been thinking about revamping my graphic design skills. I haven’t used Adobe Illustrator in nearly 1 year so I decided…


Miracle Mornings…

Good Morning from South Korea! I wanted to share my ‘twist’ on the Miracle Morning I’ve been doing the last few days, maybe…

mini challenge

Life is live!

I’ve been pondering about whether I should re-start blogging or not. Since my early/mid-twens and with the emergence of the wave of ‘self…

English Growth

How often do you give thanks?

How often do you give thanks? I don’t necessarily mean a nightly prayer or writing gratitude lists. I tried both, it was ok…

Growth mini challenge

Cyrillic in a weekend

Got some spare time this weekend? What about spontaneously learning some Cyrillic? Saturday morning I was checking my mails when I stumbled upon…

English feature Growth

Fresh start

It’s so nice to have you here! Put simply, this blog is a collection of missions/memories/musings of a Swiss girl who is figuring…

Who am I ?

toozi. Swiss rabbit.
Loves Asia, Psychology and Art
Currently living in Korea "There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen." ~ Rumi