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How often do you give thanks?

How often do you give thanks?

I don’t necessarily mean a nightly prayer or writing gratitude lists.
I tried both, it was ok but I felt like I was in some way „acting“. For me it felt like a task. Being grateful – I wanted to be the person „who counts their blessings“.
Of course I also did it because I wanted to „attract more happiness“ (Law of Attraction and that kind of stuff).
Then I learned something.

Gratitude doesn’t have to be forced, it’s in our nature.

I just have to notice when I get that feeling. No need to „tickle“ it out. The important thing is awareness when it arises and acknowledging it. It can come to us in a moment of excitement, a touching moment or a peaceful moment.

Back to my question. How often do you give thanks?

I mean, how often do you experience the joy of being alife, of being part of everything.
When do you feel a sense of eternity? That everything is perfect the way it is?
Having your „moment“.

❥ Is it when you lie next to your adorable-looking partner that is asleep?
❥ Is it when you look out in the morning and see a glorious dawn?
❥ Is it the rainbow-colored spring flora or gorgeous autumn foliage?
❥ Is it after a sweaty work-out or jog, during the refreshing shower?
❥ Is itiwhen you see your kids absorved in their play,?
❥ Is it when relaxing with your pet and receiving a kiss from them?
❥ Is it after you accomplished a dreaded/stressful task?
❥ Is it sitting alone having a drink and gazing at the night skies?

When you are in that kind of mood, try saying „thank you“ in your head. A silent and peaceful one. A vibrant and loud one. I bittersweet teary one.

When you are in that „moment“, how do you feel? I mean, your body.

Is it a heartgasm? The heart pulsating hard and a heat spreading inside your body?
Is there a soft tingling in your heart and you feel like wrapped in a soft blanket?
Does your heart feel like it’s tied up and you get teary eyes?

What is your „gratitude style“?

Do you write it down, think it, say it out loud, sing it or dance it?

Maybe you have a special work of art, a poem, painting or a song that serves as gratitude transmittor? That makes your heart all fluttery?

Be aware oft hat feeling when it comes up and send a thank note to the universe. ❤

How does your gratitude mostly feel like and when do you experience it?