mini challenge

Life is live!

I’ve been pondering about whether I should re-start blogging or not. Since my early/mid-twens and with the emergence of the wave of ‘self exposure’ on the internet (or maybe it is also just due to me maturing) I have become a bit more hesitant about ‘putting’ myself out there.

Nevertheless, time is passing and I’m changing in so many ways, making new discoveries, creating memories, enjoying my day to day life but I struggle to keep an offline diary and I do love to re-read my old blog entries and travel back to ‘young me’ and seeing how some parts stayed the same and some parts completely changed.

So I decided to re-start an online diary to jot down volatile passions and musings, reflect on theories and my own experiences and through the practice of writing down also connect fragmented pieces of my life.

If you are interested in any of the topics below I’d love to take you with me on this journey and I’d be honored to know your thoughts/opinions on certain topics.

My interests include:

  • Self-improvement, (Positive) Psychology, Spirituality, Mindfulness
  • Daily life as an expat in Asia and specially Korea, bits and pieces of AMWF relationships, Asian culture, languages and history (I’m intermediate at Chinese and Korean and beginner in Japanese but I’ve delved into all three cultures for many years)
  • Sustainable development, Education, International Relations (in East Asia), Critical reflections on pop culture
  • Whimsical illustrations, Children’s literature, Meaningful short stories

Life is live and while we might think that our character or daily life is too ordinary and that it will not change in the foreseeable future we are actually ever-changing and growing but we will barely notice and miss out on important developments if we don’t keep track! Thank you for reading and let me know if we have any common interests or what you would most like to hear about!


PS: all art/graphics on this blog are my own and © by me